Clinical Dietitian, RD or RDE


The Clinical Dietitian is responsible to the Dietitian Coordinator and must work closely with the other Dietitian(s), the Director of Nutrition Services, department management team and staff, Resident Relations Coordinator, and the Interdisciplinary team.  The Clinical Dietitian will have contact with nursing staff, activities staff, residents and families on a daily basis and also communicates directly with physicians and physician extenders.

  • Develops, implements, and provides timely follow-up through written records systems on all assigned residents’ and Adult Day Health clients’ nutritional care plans and nutritional assessments.  Maintains accurate, timely and concise nutrition records on residents.
  • Evaluates residents’ nutritional care and provides follow-up for continuity of care.  Consults with the interdisciplinary team concerning the nutritional care of residents, correlating the nutritional care plan with other health care plans and participates in care conferences. 
  • Communicates appropriate dietary history and nutritional care data through written record systems.  Ensures that all progress notes, care plans, assessments and MDS notations charted are timely, complete, concise and descriptions of the nutritional status of the residents and interventions and/or recommendations.
  • Works collaboratively with the Dietitian Coordinator, other Dietitian(s) and the Director of Nutirtion Services to improve nutritional services to residents, meeting regularly as indicated.
  • Compiles or develops educational materials and uses them as aids in nutrition education.  Provides in-service training to staff and others as needed.  Educates residents and families in nutritional principles, food selection, regular and therapeutic diets and interprets their need for such diets.
  • Interprets, evaluates, and utilizes pertinent current research related to nutritional care. 
  • Maintains a reference library of written material, laws, diet manuals, etc., necessary for complying with current standards and regulations, and that will provide assistance in maintaining quality resident care.
  • Develops and maintains a good working rapport with all Nutrition Services staff and with staff from other departments to assure that the department services and activities can be properly maintained to meet the needs of the residents.
  • Attends meetings and serves on various committees of the campus as required by existing regulations and as needed e.g., may participate in quality improvement committee, infection control, customer satisfaction, resident councils, weekly resident care conferences, nursing meetings and other task force groups as needed.
  • Responds to resident requests with respect to food preferences and works with Nutrition Services Team to address the requests within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Participates in ongoing quality assurance.  Assists in data collection and reporting for the Quality Improvement Committee.  Communicates variances and solves problems with appropriate individuals or teams to address the issues.
  • Meets with the Dietitian Coordinator on a regular basis concerning the operation of the department and resident concerns, to assist in identifying and correcting problem areas, and/or the improvement of services. Initiates the 6 – step problem solving method as needed.
  • Recommends appropriate enteral product and calorie/fluid needs of individual residents.  Monitors usage of enteral nutritional products for tube feeing and oral supplemental feeding.  Completes documents necessary for Medicare billing.  Communicates as needed with Nursing, Purchasing and Business Office departments regarding enteral products.  Performs quality improvement activities for the Enteral Nutrition Program.
  • Assumes responsibilities of other Hale Makua Health Services Dietitians during their absences as directed.
  • Participates and assists in departmental studies and projects as requested.
  • Inputs date into dietary software program (diet changes, selective menu, etc.) as needed.


Part-time, day shift preferred; however, open to flexible hours (to be discussed).




  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Dietetics from an accredited college or university. 
  • Must be a Registered Dietitian or eligible to become registered. 
  • Clinical and Food Service experience in a long-term care or hospital setting preferred. 
  • Knowledgeable of dietary procedures, as well as related laws, regulations and guidelines pertaining to long-term care.





Non-Bargaining.  Wages based on education and relevant work experience.