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October 18, 2010

Eden Alternative Tip of the Week

On your home’s journey toward culture change with the Eden Alternative, you also experience seasons. You experience times when everything is just right to plant the seeds of change. You in...

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October 04, 2010

Eden Alternative Tip of the Week: The Culinary Caregivers at Rolling Fields want to share a story about choices and the happiness that comes with having them

We have had a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables from our very own gardens this year. The Elders bring these treats into our restaurant (aka Kallimos Café) and ask us to do different things with...

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Tags: Eating, Eden Tips, Food

March 19, 2010

Eden Alternative Tip of the Week from the Book 'Dementia Beyond Drugs'

Excerpts from the “Other Eyes” chapter of Dementia Beyond Drugs by Dr. Allen Power The biomedical model sees dementia mostly as neuropathology. However, viewing only what can be easi...

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