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Nursing Unit Helpers


The Nursing Unit Helper is responsible to the Neighborhood (Nursing Unit) Supervisor and must communicate and work with residents, families, visitors and other nursing employees. 

  • Assists with bed making in rooms that are not on isolation precautions.
  • Answers call-lights to inquire about the nature of assistance needed.  Obtains assistance if needed from nursing assistant or licensed nurse.
  • Transports residents in wheelchair.
  • Re-fills bedside water and ice.
  • Retrieves frequently used items such as tissue paper, remote control, or telephone.
  • Adjusts bedding or pillow upon request.
  • Provides increased supervision for those at highest risk for fall. Provides verbal cues to residents if unsafe behavior is observed and/or notifies staff.
  • Assists with residents who may require 1:1 supervision.
  • Assists with making videoconference (eg, Skype) or other telephone call to loved ones.
  • Delivers meal carts. Obtains/delivers snacks or food items. Must review list of those residents with altered texture and fluid restrictions.
  • Removes dining trays from rooms and takes to Nursing Assistant to ensure percentages are properly recorded. Consults Nursing Assistants regarding best method of identifying trays that need meal consumption recorded.
  • Provides in-room or common-area activities and companionship visits.
  • Assists residents with hand hygiene.
  • Provides light housekeeping services, including but is not limited to:
  1.  Applies disinfection spray and wipes down common areas.
  2. Wipes tables and sweeps after meals.
  3. Dust and/or tidies up resident’s beside table, closet, etc.
  4. Tidies up linen room.
  5. Cleans out unit refrigerator. Dates and labels item in refrigerator as needed.
  6. Disposes of trash and assists with handling of soiled linen.
  • Re-stocks hand sanitizer stations and PPE carts.
  • Provides basic health screening for staff at change of shift including completing questionnaire and taking temperature. Records information on log sheet. Maintains confidentiality of responses. (Assigned only after competency validation. Will be provided instructions for notifying a licensed nurse or department manager for any positive questionnaire responses.)
  • Assists in answering telephones for the neighborhood.
  • Assists with restocking and ordering supplies.
  • Provides safety supervision of residents who smoke outdoors.
  • Delivers and restocks of clean linen to units.

Part-time (less than 20 hours/week) position.  Must be able to work a flexible schedule including working weekends and/or holidays and varied shifts.



  • High school diploma, GED, or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Previous experience in health care or providing personal care in a home setting preferred.
  • Must be able to read, write and speak the English language.  Must have patience, tact, flexibility and an ability to work harmoniously with others.  Clean, well-groomed appearance.
  • Must meet the mental and physical standards deemed necessary for performance of duties including the ability to lift medical equipment, supplies, etc.




Wage rate is $11.30/hr.