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Designed to help clients successfully recover function from an injury or illness so that they can return home to their full, independent lives


  • Physical Therapy: Promoting strength, flexibility, and return to independent ambulation
  • Occupational Therapy: Promoting independent living skills
  • Speech Therapy: Restoring communication and swallowing abilities


The cost of therapy depends on the services needed, so we will work with you to verify insurance coverage. We are certified by Medicare, and can therefore bill Medicare HMSA for therapy services. With a physician-ordered treatment plan and a skilled need for ongoing treatment, Medicare Part B may pay for 80% of outpatient therapy charges. If you do not have a secondary insurer to cover the remaining 20%, a copayment will apply. Other types of insurance may cover therapy services if prior authorization from your carrier is obtained. Private pay is also an option.

Admissions Process

  • Process Slide: Physicians Orders

    Physicians Orders

    A physician order/prescription is required for outpatient rehab/therapy services. A physician may also complete the Request for Orders form to initiate services. The Rehab department will review the order/prescription to determine whether the service requested can be provided.

  • Process Slide: Financial Eligibility

    Financial Eligibility

    Our team will work individually with each patient to identify the source of payment. You will be asked to disclose information about insurance coverage to help determine if there are any patient co-pays

  • Process Slide: Scheduling


    When all medical and financial authorizations are in place each patient is contacted by the Rehab department to schedule therapy appointment(s).

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For questions or additional information about the Rehab program, please call us at:

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