Cleaning Up the Island Raises Funds


Mahalo to our dedicated staff and volunteers who helped pick-up trash on Saturday, April 5, along the Maalaea Mudflats. Not only did we help clean-up the land, we will receive a $1,000 donation from Matson Navigation's Ka Ipu 'Aina (container for the land) program!

Thank you to Jules Castillo, May Cordero, John Dugan, Saundra Gaskey, Edna Hedani, Harley Hedani, Jodi Horton, Julie Hoy, Hannah Humphrey, Danyel Kahiamoe, Rosie Kahiamoe, Sydney Kahiamoe, Merri Ellen Lee, Grant Lopes, Teresa Lopes, Lyn Lopez, Lisa Lopez, Tim McGee, Connie Miller, Wayne Miller, Leo Morales, Gemma Orque, Rhonda Reny, Louise Sentes, and Denise Thayer, who all participating in cleaning up our island.


Tags: Fundraiser, Community Giving, Volunteers