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June 29, 2015

Improving Well-Being

Howard Omura is a retired principle from Maui High School. He spends his days reminiscing about his work, the students, and how proud he was to make a positive impact on their lives. He talks about...

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Tags: Principle 8, Eden in action, Principle 7, De-emphasizing top-down authority, Genuine Human Caring, Well Being


June 17, 2015

We Love Our Dads

Many times Father's Day gets overlooked, with more emphasis to honor and celebrate mothers. Perhaps it's because dads don't seek the extra attention and do...

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June 16, 2015

Couple Celebrates 60 Years Together

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Sakae and Fumiko Uehara at Care Homes by Hale Makua in hopes of discovering the answer to one of life’s greatest mysteries. Something that peo...

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Tags: Care Homes


June 12, 2015

Resident Gives Care by Volunteering

For months resident Beverly Brown was asking for different ways she could help out and give back to Hale Makua. So, a time was scheduled for Beverly to go through volunteer orientation. From there ...

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Tags: Principle 4, Principle 6, Meaningful Activity, Antidote to Helplessness, Eden in action, Volunteers


June 01, 2015

Hurricane Preparedness: Are You Ready?

June 1st marks the start of hurricane season in Hawai`i. We take this very seriously at Hale Makua Health Services, and have emergency plans and procedures in place that will ensure ...

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Tags: Disaster Preparedness