Eden Alternative Tip of the Week

On your home’s journey toward culture change with the Eden Alternative, you also experience seasons. You experience times when everything is just right to plant the seeds of change. You invest heavily in educating, involving, planning and implementing those new ideas. Then, if you have done well, you reach the time of harvest, when you can see those efforts pay off in benefits to all the care partners.
Just as we take time to breathe a little deeper and enjoy the fall warmth and explosions of color in the out-of-doors, do not forget to do the same within your home. Do you remember the Foolish Gardner: What Gardener would diligently weed, water and prune even as the fruit becomes overripe and falls from the vine? We definitely want to learn from this lesson.
What harvest has your home been reaping from its efforts at change and growth this summer? Are you noticing, sharing and celebrating the successes you are seeing? Sometimes when we as leaders have our eye on the bigger vision of where we are leading, we forget to stop and breathe deeply, and celebrate what is happening right before our eyes. that is what can make us a Foolish Gardener.
Recognize and celebrate the harvest you have sown in your home’s journey! It is what keeps people energized and motivated to move forward, to dig deeper, to try to take it to the next level. You are making a difference everyday in the lives of so many others … celebrate!

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