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Family Member Letter of Gratitude

To Whom It May Concern,
As the family of Harold Rawson – my Dad and a resident in the Pikake Neighborhood —my wife and I, and my sister Linda (from Costa Rica, but who visits regularly) would like to  extend our deep thanks to all the staff at Hale Makua….from the nurses, CNA’s, social services staff, administrations people, to the food prep, and Aloha Café workers, the yard and maintenance and all the great cleaning staff, the Doctors, transporters, supervisors, therapists (yes, even the volunteer help) and anyone I may have inadvertently overlooked:  You are all the best.  Your concern and commitment to making Hale Makua Kahului the best it could possibly be is evident from day-to-day and in every neighborhood and in the attitude of every worker.
It’s hard to walk away from my Dad and leave him behind as I visit him, but knowing the care that will be given and the love shown him after our visits are pau, make the leaving easier.  It’s true for us, and for my Dad too.  He has never….not even once in the nearly 2 years that he has been a resident….ever had a nasty or negative comment about those who attend to him.  Quite a testament to the good folks at Hale Makua and the love they share amongst themselves and the folks the care for.
So, please accept our thanks and rest assured of our continued support for the facility and its staff as we all work together to implement even deeper on an ongoing basis the principles that are embodied in the Eden journey that we know as Luana.
Very Sincerely,
Ron & Izzy Rawson and Linda Lamers

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