Five Days of Variety & Spontaneity

Bruno Wong waters plants for a shot on day 1
During the month of January, 40 plus Hale Makua residents and Adult Day Health clients played the starring role in our Luana video shoot. Over the course of the five day shoot residents and clients had their hair and make-up done, were coached and directed, and acted in over 35 different scenes showcasing the principles of Luana, focusing on: 
  • The warm, home-like environment
  • Opportunities to give care
  • Self-empowerment
  • Variety and spontaneity of activities
  • Companionship of people, kids, pets and plants
Even those residents who were not playing an acting role in the video were entertained and intrigued by the video crew filming on-site at Hale Makua Kahului. Having the video crew of four  people plus someone doing hair and make-up added variety and spontaneity to the lives of those residents who were participating in the video and even those who were just watching.

Social Services Assistant & Vilma Sanchez in a care planning shot on day 2
Outing at the Maui Arts & Culture Center Schaefer Gallery on Day 3
Coffee service in the Aloha Cafe on day 4
John Kaawai being interviewed on day 5
The goal of producing this video is to share our vision of Luana with new hires, residents, families, donors, and the public. Stay tuned for the launch of our Launa video in late March or early April. It will also be available on our website ( for your viewing pleasure.

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