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Founder of Maui Mental Health Clebrates 94th Birthday

On March 2nd, Marcella Corell celebrated her 94th birthday and a big group of people came to Hale Makua to celebrate her amazing life. The party was attended by family, friends and mental health advocates from Maui Mental Health America of Hawaii.

In 1972, Marcella started the Maui branch of the Mental Health Association (now known as Maui Mental Health America of Hawaii). MHA works to “help to prevent mental illness, to promote mental health, to assist in improving care and treatment for persons suffering with emotional problems, as well as working to dispel the myths and stigma surrounding their diseases.”

Ms. Corell worked in the mental health field for over 40 years and was a constant advocate for the cause. Currently, she is a resident at Hale Makua Kahului’s North Neighborhood. In the photo, she is taking a piece of cake from her long time friend Mare Langlois. 
By visiting Hale Makua, Ms. Corell’s family and friends helped create an Elder-centered community, illustrating Eden Principle #2 “An Elder-centered community commits to creating a human habitat where life revolves around close and continuing contact with plants, animals, and children. It is these relationships that  provide the young and old alike with a pathway to a life worth living.”

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