Volunteers share passion for the arts


Twenty seven year old Jesse Joseph is passionate about art. Graduating from UH Manoa with a Bachelor’s in Art, Jesse didn’t exactly know where it would take him but he did know that he wanted it to be meaningful and make a difference. Jesse had a vision of doing art therapy for quite some time “there was a program at the university that allowed students to go to the hospital and do art with patients, I never got to do it but I really wanted to.” Although he didn’t get to participate in the program, it really touched him, so his wife,  Akane, suggested that he visit Hale Makua to see if residents would be interested in doing art with him. He quickly went through the volunteer process and started the following week. Employees immediately connected with him and scheduled him to come in weekly.

Residents adore their Thursday morning art sessions with Jesse just as much as he does. Jesse shares, “It’s been one of the best things I’ve done in a long time. I love feeling like I’m making an impact on the lives of others. It’s a feeling you can’t get from anything else.”

Interested in learning more about Jesse’s new found passion Akane, visited Hale Makua to see firsthand what was bringing such joy to her husband’s life. “Jesse was coming home every Thursday so excited and inspired. I wanted to get that same feeling too.” Akane started coming in with Jesse on Thursday mornings and says she doesn’t see an end in the future. “The sweetness is contagious. It makes me so happy to see everyone smiling. You just never know what to expect each week and that’s really cool!” Akane’s grandmother was a resident at Hale Makua years ago before passing away and she said, “I just wish my grandma could be here to experience this. She would have loved it!”

Experiences like these are a reminder of what an incredible community we are a part of. Volunteers young and old teach us the value of giving back, being selfless and to sharing gifts and passion with others. “Being a part of the community is something we’ll never give up. The feeling is just too great.”

If you are interested in volunteering to share your time or talents with our residents and clients, please call 871-9283 or e-mail danielles@halemakua.org.

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