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Hale Makua Wailuku Enhances Resident Dining Experience

In a continuing effort to improve the dining experience at Hale Makua Wailuku, residents who choose to eat in the dining room can now enjoy restaurant-style buffet dining. Meal orders are taken, and selections are served up hot from the buffet table. Residents are also offered alternative entrees just in case they prefer eating something that’s not on the buffet line. Meals are served just as they would be in a restaurant, which also means no more trays!
Here’s what some of the residents are saying about the food and the new dining style:
Dolores Villarimo (Aunty Dolly): I like it. I’d rather have that than when they bring in all the food. I’d rather they ask me so I can choose what I want to eat. Everybody’s different you know.  And I don’t like to eat so much food. I like my vegetables and my Jell-O. And I like all the workers, they’re all nice.
Eileen Kailihou: It’s good and I like the food there. It’s very tasty and I like the people there. They’re very nice.
Sarah Takatani: I think it’s better than the trays. They give me whatever I ask if they have it. I like that they take my order. I think it’s real good.
Alan Camara:  It’s nice now, the way the buffet is made, everything comes up hot. What we order comes to us fast. We can order hamburgers or hotdogs and dessert. And we can have things on the side if we want.

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