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Honoring Our Veteran Kūpuna


Last week Wednesday, November 11th, we celebrated Veteran’s Day at Hale Makua to honor our 31 veterans in Kahului campus, 7 veterans in Wailuku campus, and 4 veterans in Care Homes by Hale Makua

In Wailuku and Care Homes, residents enjoyed a relaxing Veteran's Day barbeque cookout with good eats. In Kahului the veterans were taken down a walk-through with staff cheering and waving American flags as they passed. Whether it was the feeling of honor or the memory of what they may have been through during their service, some of our veteran residents became overcome with emotion. (Click here to view more photos from the celebration.)

One of our Army veterans, Richard Miyamoto, proudly saluted everyone as he was wheeled down the walkway (click here to watch his salute on the second clip). When he crossed paths with another veteran, Robert Luuwai, they both stopped to salute each other. It is evident that even decades later, they still never forget to show respect to a fellow soldier.  

Mahalo to all of the veterans who have made sacrifices to serve our great nation!