In Recognition of the Gardenia Neighborhood Day Shift Team

I would like to recognize the Gardenia morning angels: Alma Coloma, Abby Navalta, Jaime Kaneshiro, Josie Barcena, Serlin Sorim, Merlitz Gonzales, Cristina Saito, Cathy Fujii. All of you are special in your willingness to adapt to the fast pace/challenges of working on a skilled/rehab unit. Our team has the opportunity to introduce many of the people in the community to Hale Makua. Each one of you brings special qualities which make our neighborhood one that is filled with hope and compassion for our residents and their families. I am so very proud to be your neighborhood supervisor. Thank you for all you do. You are simply The BEST.

- Mely Gazmen, Gardenia Neighborhood Supervisor

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