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In Recognition of the Molokai Neighborhood Night Shift Team

For most of us, our nights are spent relaxing with our families in the comfort of our homes.  We share stories of our day, spend time with our children, or maybe even enjoy a movie with our spouses. For the staff of the Molokai night shift, their nights are spent providing care and compassion to the residents, many of whom might be restless, anxious, or unable to sleep.
Nights can be a difficult time for residents.  It is dark, quiet, and the environment is often unfamiliar.  Residents who used to sleep next to their spouses now wake up in the dark alone.  Midnight bathroom trips that we all take for granted are no longer possible for many residents.  They wake up and may be frightened, cold, and needing help.
This is where the Molokai night shift staff becomes so important; answering that frightened call in the middle of the night, comforting someone who is lonely and unable to sleep by making a cup of hot tea and “talking story”. To the residents of the Molokai unit, they are the angels of the night.
I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to the Molokai unit night shift staff: Irene Parr, Marilyn Timbreza, Ines Antolin, Loreto Mendoza, Richard Guiwa, Catherine Nakama, and Irene Alejo. While I am home snuggled warm in bed, they are here ensuring that the residents have a safe and peaceful rest. No one should spend their nights lonely and afraid, and as long as the Molokai night shift team is on duty, no one will.
With Love and Aloha,
Janinne Grimes, RN, Neighborhood Supervisor

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