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Jean Supports Rehab for Generations


Jean Prandini was a Maui resident for the past 38 years, and active in the community for just as long. She volunteered with Kaunoa Senior Services and AARP, and has dedicated her life on Maui to giving back to the community.

As someone who had spent years dedicated to helping others, Hale Makua wasn’t even on her radar. From what she had heard from others, “Hale Makua was not a place you would want to visit or see.”

That was until 2016 when Jean had a fall at home and needed in-patient occupational and physical therapy to help her recover. In addition to being a nursing home where frail elders and disabled individuals lived, the Kahului campus is also home to a rehabilitation center that helps individuals of all ages recover from injury or illness. During her stay at Hale Makua Kahului Jean became better acquainted with staff.

For a woman who is not easily impressed, she was impressed with the care that she received. Hale Makua was not the place that people told her about. “There’s vibrancy and life at Hale Makua. It’s not a depressing place, but a place where people continue living and thriving.”

Jean was a strong, independent woman, who has done things on her own terms at a pace that would have those a fourth her age hard pressed to keep up. After another fall at home she realized that she was physically starting to slow down and needed a bit more help, Jean began evaluating her options.

With no family on Maui and her friends aging as well, Jean thought that she should stay at Hale Makua, and in April 2017, made it her permanent residence. She said, “It’s an ideal place to live. Everything is provided. I’ve reached the age where you need that type of guidance.”

“I appreciate that Hale Makua is here for me during a time where I can no longer do everything myself. My meals are prepared, my clothing laundered, and staff are available 24-hours a day if I need them. Plus, I have Donna Tabion {Social Worker}, to assist me with my affairs.”

Donna was there to help Jean when she made the decision to make a planned gift to Hale Makua in the form of an annuity. She chose to leave Hale Makua a gift after her passing, in large part because she was impressed with the organization’s plans for the future, in expanding to the neighboring Kahului Community Center land. Jean’s hope was that “this gift encourages others to step up and give as well.”

Jean was no stranger to fighting to make Maui a better place, and this donation is no exception. “We are so grateful for Jean. Her gift will help in creating a vibrant community for seniors to age in place and receive needed health services, leaving a legacy for generations to come,” says Hale Makua CEO, Wesley Lo.

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