Luana Moments Shared

While visiting Vicki Martin I asked her “how are things going for you?” This was Vicki’s response:
Today (October 11, 2010) was a very good day! The girl that helped me with my bath was very helpful, respected my privacy and most of all, this girl allowed me to do things on my own. Letting me do some things for myself makes me feel good. I was so worried about my dressing changes because it hurt whenever it was changed at the hospital. The girl that changed my dressing did it while I was in the shower, and it came right off.  I was so impressed with the nurses’ technique.
Vicki’s remarks regarding her therapy session on October 11, 2010:
The therapist was very encouraging and caring. Today for the first time in a long time  I got to stand up on my feet. I got up and walked for the first time in a long time. The therapist , she talked to me  and explained how to move my feet to ground myself. She was so helpful and made me feel so comfortable. She made me feel like I can and  will be strong again
 Shared by Celeste Johnson, Admissions Assistant

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