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Mangia! Mangia!

Carmela Prucha holding the original recipe that she wrote for her son 20 years ago! Her son has been entrusted with it for safe keeping.
The Pizzelle maker at work
Carmela and Bill with the finished Pizzelles
This past Friday we had Bill Prucha, the son of resident Carmela Prucha, join us to make his mother’s Pizzelle recipe. Pizzelles are an Italian tradition; wafer-like cookies with snowflake designs. Bill brought in Carmela’s pizzelle iron which is similar to a waffle iron in appearance. The pizzelle maker is a staple in the household of many Italian families. Making Pizzelles filled the room with the wonderful smells of vanilla and anise. Once cooled the cookies were crispy and melted away in our mouths.

Submitted by Lynsey Capone, Activities Director

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