Meet Our Aloha Week Court

On October 15th, Hale Makua celebrated Aloha Week, which showcases the rich culture and history of each of the Hawaiian Islands. Its purpose is to “foster the Aloha Spirit through the perpetuation of the Hawaiian culture and the celebration of diverse customs and traditions of Hawaii.” This post showcases our resident and client participation in the Aloha Week festivities. A future post will feature the diverse cultural entertainment from Friday’s event.
Representing the Island of Molokai in the Island color green and the Island flower of the Pua Kukui is Richmond Kapaku. Richmond was born in Honokawai Lahaina. He has one daughter and two grandchildren. He used to work at Waiehu Golf Course, and currently enjoys golfing, diving and surfing.

Representing the island of Kauai in the Island color Purple and the Island flower Mokihana is Violet Decoite. Violet was born on October 22, 1925 on Maui. She was married to George Decoite, and had one son named John. She has three grandchildren and five great grandchildren. She previously worked as a bus driver, and enjoys gardening, music, dancing, the ocean and reading the newspaper. Violet loves to laugh!

 Representing the island of Lanai in the Island color of orange and the Island flower of Kaunaoa’ Blossom is Hiroshi Yamanoha, known to his friends and family as “Yama”. Yama was born in Paia. He has one son and three grandchildren. He previously worked at Kaanapali Hotel for 25 years, and enjoys building engines.

Representing the Island of Hawaii in the Island color red and the Island flower Ohia is Marilyn Mitchell. Marilyn was born on February 3, 1930 in Streator, Illinois. She has a sister named Jeane Murphy who lives in Michigan. Marilyn attended Coalville school and then Capital University for two years. She was married to Robert Mitchell, and together they owned a coffee shop on Maui. She enjoys doing crossword puzzles and sunbathing poolside.
Representing the island of Kahoolawe in the Island color of gray and the Island flower of Hinahina is Robert Tamaki, known to his friends and family as “Bobby”. Bobby was born on Oahu and is married to Elsie. He as two children, Gayle and Wayne, and one grandson, Chase. Bobby enjoys playing cards and going to Vegas. At Hale Makue he enjoys playing bingo!
Representing the island of Maui in the Island color pink and the Island flower Lokelani Rose is Louis Lumlung Kamaka. Louis was born on December 27,1924 in Lahaina. She previously worked in a hotel and the Lahaina Cannery Mall. She is married and has four children, 12 grandchildren, and ten great grandchildren. She enjoys crocheting and sewing.

Representing the island of Oahu in the Island color yellow and the Island flower Pua Ilima. Herman was born on October 28,1946, and was married to Elenor. He has two children, Kevin and Carmen. He joined the Army in 1963, and later worked as a bartender for the Sheraton hotel for 20 years. He also was an Assistant Supervisor for the Bay Golf Course, then worked at the Kapalua Land Company as a sewage operator, a shuttle bus driver and dispatcher. Herman loves to collect CDs and listen to music. At Hale Makua he enjoys watching all of the ladies go by.

Representing the island of Ni’ihau in the Island color of white and the Island flower of the pupu shell is Edna Taira. Edna was born on January 26, 1928. She attended nursing school and became a licensed practical nurse for the Maui Medical Group. She also was a nurse at Hale Makua, Kula Hospital and Kaiser. In 1982 she retired. She was married to Takeo and has two children, two grandchildren, and four great grandchildren. Edna enjoys the programs at Hale Makua, doing arts and crafts and socializing with others.

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