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Resident Fantasy Football League Winners

Hale Makua Kahului residents and staff participated in a Fantasy Football league for the past 16 weeks in which residents were arranged in a competitive league, earning “fantasy points” by using the statistics of real football players. The idea to start a Hale Makua Kahului Fantasy Football team cam about one morning when Activities Director, Teresa Lopes, was talking to residents John Bellini, Joseph Thomas, and John Opunui at breakfast. She was telling them about her family’s Fantasy Football League, and their large trophy that goes to the new winner’s home each year after the season. The guys thought this would be fun and wanted to start their own league.

Today participants in Hale Makua’s resident and staff Fantasy Football league got together to present the winners with trophies. The first place winners were the Activities staff. Second place went to former Hale Makua resident and current Maui PACE participant, John Bellini. Roberta Kapuaala received third place. The participant with the lowest score, Joseph Thomas, was presented a banana bouquet.

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