Residents Get Festive for Fall


October kicks off a particularly festive time at Hale Makua. The decorations get bigger and spread throughout our entire campus. Residents and employees prepare to welcome children into our home for trick-or-treating, costume contests and fun games for Halloween.

It’s always special for our elders when they have an opportunity to spend time with young people. The final months of the year come with meaningful holidays and an extraordinary spirit that tends to bring children of all ages into our homes with something special to offer. From songs and dancing to crafts and giggles, it’s always sure to add an extra sparkle to the eyes of our elders.

Thanks to a generous donation from Kula Country Farms this year, residents started the Fall season by decorating adorable mini pumpkins that will be judged on Halloween morning by a group of very excited preschoolers. The kids will pick their favorite pumpkin and the creative resident behind it will receive a prize and bragging rights until next year. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to find out who the winner is on Halloween.

A big mahalo to Kula Country Farms for their generosity in letting us come and pick pumpkins from their patch!

Tags: Antidote to Boredom, Meaningful Activity, Eden Principle 6