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Residents Give Care Too!

My son enjoying the vibrant colors in the book Gloria Distefano colored and gave to him
Last week I met with resident Gloria Distefano to interview her for a story I was working on for an upcoming newsletter. I always enjoy having the opportunity to talk story with residents, so that I can share their wonderful stories with others. In this way the residents and clients that let me interview them for stories are providing care for me as well as the organization as a whole. The Eden Alternative teaches that creating opportunities to give as well as receive care is the antidote to boredom.
During my conversation with Gloria, I happened to mention that I have a ten month old son. She quickly responded that he should have one of her colorings. She brought out books for her colorings and asked me to choose one for him. Since he loves the color red, I chose a picture of a tropical red fish. Instead of tearing out the page, she gave me the entire book of her vibrant, meticulous colorings. Needless to say my son loves the book and all of Gloria’s color selections! Just another way Gloria was able to provide care for someone else by creating and giving them something that they can enjoy and appreciate.

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