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Roxanne Gets Ready to Ride Again


Roxanne loves the wind in her hair and the exhilarating feel of riding a motorcycle with a group of friends all over Maui. A few months ago, while attempting to swerve out of the way of a family of mongoose, Roxanne found herself on the ground, unable to move. When she arrived at the hospital, after being examined, Roxanne found out she had a fractured pelvis, four broken ribs, a punctured lung, and a broken wrist and shoulder. But one thing that wasn’t broken was her spirit. “The smile never left my face, I was happy to be alive.”

After three weeks in the hospital, Roxanne was transferred to Rehab by Hale Makua, where’s she stayed for just over two weeks to receive occupational therapy and physical therapy. Her transformation has been absolutely incredible. She quickly went from not being able to walk or care for herself, to being able to walk and move about with just the use of a cane, and being able to fully care for herself, including dressing and bathing herself. “Thanks to the Occupational Therapists, they taught me the easiest and most effective ways to care for myself while I was injured, and even now that I’m recovered.” Roxanne really appreciated how the therapists pushed her to reach her goals, and encouraged her to keep going. “Everybody here is so nice and friendly, you can tell that they truly love the residents here and love encouraging us to get better.”

During her time here, you could almost always find Roxanne in the halls singing, either by herself or with other residents. “I really loved the opportunity to sing to the residents, get to know people and bring a smile to other’s faces while they’re going through a difficult time too.” The chance to make others happy gave Roxanne encouragement to keep going. “It also gave me the push I needed to want to go home and get more involved with caring for my parents. They’re in their 80s, and seeing how the positive encouragement helped me push forward. It made me want to do that for them as well.”

Roxanne was recently cleared to go back home, where she’ll continue receive physical and occupational therapy through services from Home Health by Hale Makua. We always love seeing residents go home, energized and ready to take on the world again, and Roxanne said as soon as she’s cleared to drive and gets her bike fixed up, she’ll be back on the road.

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