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Spreading the Word About Luana

One of the Luana Core team’s goals since 2009 has been to educate all of Hale Makua Health Services 500+ employees about Luaua. The Core Team has always agreed that getting employee buy-in is critical to the success of Luana, but has struggled with how to orient so many people to Luana and get them to really understand why this initiative is vital to the organization and our efforts in culture change.

While 40 employees under went the two-day Eden Alternative training to become certified, the vast majority of staff members are in various stages of how familiar they are with Luana, starting at knowing nothing, to being fairly familiar with the plagues of loneliness, helplessness and boredom. Many of the challenges that we’ve faced with moving forward with Luana have been with employees understanding the concept and buying into it. As you can imagine, it is very difficult to get over 500 employees on board if they’re not really sure what Luana is about and how it benefits the residents as well as themselves.

I am happy to announce that we are on our way to educating all of our employees, starting with today’s presentation to our Leadership Team, which consists of the organizations’ managers. Joyce, Saundra and Ted of the Luana Core Team unveiled the Luana staff education presentation, which we are targeting to have presented to all employees by May 2010. The goal is to get all employees familiar with the basic principles of Luana, the three plagues, and the antidotes to the plagues, as well as share stories and examples of some of the antidotes in action.

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