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Stephanie Makes Strides Toward Getting Home


Stephanie Smith is 53 years young, and has a vibrant personality that welcomes everyone she encounters. Maybe it’s her 25 year history as a Social Worker, or maybe it’s just something she’s always embodied, but there’s no denying that she’s one tough cookie!

In early May, while meeting up with a friend to go snorkeling on her birthday, she took a wrong step, lost her balance and fell. She knew the moment she hit the ground that some major damage had been done. She tore her ACL and cracked her right femur.

After losing a pint of blood, and having a rod and screws placed in her knee and femur, Stephanie was sent to Rehab by Hale Makua for physical and occupational therapies. “I can’t say enough about how great my experience has been here. I have so much respect for everyone who works here and their level of professionalism and compassion,” gushes Stephanie.

For a little over a month, Stephanie worked hard every day with occupational and physical therapists to help her get back on her feet. “Just yesterday, I walked 90 steps without any assistance, which was a huge accomplishment for me.” Stephanie says that the therapists were all incredible, accommodating, attentive.

One of the things that impressed Stephanie the most was how flexible and understanding the therapists were about her needs and interests. “I’m a Basketball fan, and I was here right during playoffs. Myself and another woman who were here for rehab wanted to watch a game that was on TV right during our scheduled therapy time, so the therapists took us out to where the big TV was in the courtyard area and we got to watch the game and do our therapy. It was pretty awesome.”

Stephanie sang the praises of her incredible therapists, nurses and CNAs and especially her physician Dr. Gupta. “Dr. Gupta was probably my favorite person here, I really wish she could be my permanent Primary Care Physician. Her bedside manner, compassion, and listening ear were so wonderful and comforting, she was really incredible”.

Stephanie’s recovery has been really impressive, and for that we give credit to our amazing team of care partners. From nursing to therapists, and everyone in between, Stephanie is back on her feet and back to doing the things she loves!

If you would like more information about Rehab by Hale Makua, please call 877-7840

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