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The Joy of Music & Dance

Our Activities Departments strive to provide meaningful activities and interactions for residents, and to create an environment that may stimulate variety and spontaneity for unexpected and unpredictable happenings. With such a culturally diverse group of residents, our Activities teams try to engage each resident with an activity that interests them. For many residents with dementia, sensory stimulation is an important part of their lives. With this in mind, the residents at our Wailuku community enjoyed African drumming and belly dancing with the purpose of entertain residents and providing visual and audio stimulation. Entertainment is a diversion that we all need and enjoy. Many of the Wailuku community’s residents have dementia and have a difficult time following a plot or understanding details and making sense of the world, seeing and hearing various auditory and visual stimuli have positive effects since it does n ot require undivided attention, logical reasoning, and piecing t ogether a storyline. We are very fortunate to have musicians and dancers who generously donat e their time to share their music and dance with t he residents, such as Belly Dancing, African Drumming,

and Bon Odori (Bon Dance).

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