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What is the Eden Tree?

As an Eden Alternative Registered Home we have receive two “Eden Tree” plaques, which are displayed at our communities in Kahului and Wailuku. The purpose of the Eden Tree is to let others know of our commitment to our Luana journey and to display what the Eden Alternative calls the “Symbols of Recognition”, which we will choose as we implement the Eden Alternative philosophy through Luana. The Eden Alternative Handbook provides us with a pathway to implementing each Eden Principle. As we work to incorporate the Ten Eden Principles into our culture, we will earn the right to display these “Symbols of Recognition” for each principle, which we can place on the plaque to symbolize our progress in our journey.
The “Symbols” we decide to display on the Eden Tree should be chosen by those who live and work in our communities as having particular meaning for us. When to be recognized for the hard work that has been done for each Principle should be a decision made together by the Residents, staff and family members.
Full integration of the Eden Alternative through Luana will impact the physical environment, organizational structure, and psycho-social interactions of the organization. Individual principles highlight different aspects of the Eden philosophy. In establishing goals for growth, we will consider how to best live out each principle for the benefit of the Residents, the staff, and the organization as a whole.

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