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December 02, 2016

Making Hale Makua Home

Alvin Keohohina does not look like the typical resident you find at Hale Makua mainly because he is not elderly. Alvin is 32 years old and has made Hale Makua his home for the past ten years. At 22...

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Tags: Compassionate Caring, Homelike Environment, Person-Centered Care, Human Companionship, Resident Story, testimonial


April 16, 2016

Rehab Therapists Have Healing Touch

John Becker is a part-time Maui resident who every year escapes the cold and snow of Wyoming to enjoy Maui’s warmth, sandy beaches, and tropical breezes. You can imagine his disappointment wh...

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Tags: Person-Centered Care, Physical Therapy, Resident Story, testimonial, success stories

February 10, 2010

Culture Change Through Dining

Last week I sat in on a webinar put on by the Eden Alternative, which focused on various dining topics. The moderator recommended that we start by asking residents where they want to start with din...

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Tags: Homelike Environment, Culture Change, Principle 4, Antidote to Helplessness, Principle 8, Resident-Directed Care, Person-Centered Care, Dining

February 02, 2010

Resident-Directed Care: The Culture-Change Movement

Continuing on with the idea of creating more a homelike environment for residents, I’d like to share an excerpt from an article titled “Person-Centered Care for Nursing Home Residents: ...

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Tags: Homelike Environment, Culture Change, Person-Centered Care, Resident-Directed Care