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September 21, 2017

We Love Our Volunteers

Moonlight, a lovable six year old Corgi, and her owners Maria and Hilton Unemori have been spreading tail wags and happiness at Hale Makua Kahului. Maria says what she loves most about bring to Moo...

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Tags: Antidote to Loneliness, pets, animal companionship, loving companionship, Community Giving, Board of Directors, Volunteers, Human Habitat


April 10, 2015

Baldwin High "Senior Prom"

Baldwin High School students put together a “Senior Prom” for our Wailuku residents. They provided decorations, centerpieces, snacks & prizes. They danced, played bingo and even cro...

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Tags: Antidote to Boredom, Principle 5, Principle 2, Eden in action, Human Habitat


December 30, 2013

Students Light Up Christmas

St. Anthony School Seniors and Juniors hosted the Senior Winter Ball at Hale Makua on December 13, 2013. This holiday party tradition began six year ago. Students plan a winter party for our long-t...

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Tags: Antidote to Boredom, Human Habitat, Eden Alternative Principle 2, Eden Alternative Principle 5, Human Companionship


December 18, 2013

Christmas Companionship

Residents and care partners worked together this month to decorate a Christmas tree in the dining room at Wailuku campus. Residents helped continue a treasured holiday tradition and everyone enjoye...

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Tags: Antidote to Boredom, Antidote to Loneliness, Meaningful Activity, Human Habitat, Eden Alternative Principle 6, Eden Alternative Principle 3, Human Companionship


December 10, 2013

It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas

Thanks to a very generous donation from Tri Star Landscaping and Ruth & Joe Fukushima of over one hundred poinsettia plants that were installed in the East Neighborhood courtyard. The plants re...

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Tags: Principle 2, Eden Principle 2, Human Habitat, Eden Alternative Principle 2, Eden Alternative in Action, Community Giving


October 04, 2013

Gardener Cultivates Our Human Habitat

Meet Tamotsu Tasaka. He greatly enjoyed raising orchids and vegetables in his garden at home. As he adjusted to living at Hale Makua, Mr. Tasaka found that he could continue being a gardener by tak...

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Tags: Eden Principles, Antidote to Helplessness, Eden Principle 2, Human Habitat, Eden Principle 4, Gardening

May 17, 2013

Founder of Maui Mental Health Clebrates 94th Birthday

On March 2nd, Marcella Corell celebrated her 94th birthday and a big group of people came to Hale Makua to celebrate her amazing life. The party was attended by family, friends and mental health ad...

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Tags: Birthday, Eden Alternative Principle 2, Eden in action, Human Habitat

May 17, 2013

Hunting for Fun

On Saturday March 23, North Neighborhood at Hale Makua Kahului held an Easter Egg Hunt. Residents, staff, family, and children gathered in the central courtyard of North Neighborhood to celebrate t...

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Tags: Children, Easter, Eden Alternative Principle 2, elder-centered, Human Habitat, Principle 2

May 17, 2013

Furry Feline has Taken Residence in Wailuku

Keoki, also known as George or Jorge, is a recent addition to Hale Makua Wailuku’s community. He is a large white cat who chose to adopt the nursing office as his home. Staff and residents ha...

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Tags: Eden Alternative Principle 2, Human Habitat, loving companionship, Keoki cat, pets, Principle 2