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February 29, 2016

Rehab Gives Confidence and Independence

Our residents' healthcare needs are as different as they are, so we offer an array of services to meet all of those needs at every level. The Rehab by Hale Makua program is designed to help ind...

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Tags: Well Being, Compassionate Caring, rehab, Physical Therapy, testimonial, success stories, client story


January 05, 2016

Reflections of Independence

Melissa Miyamura is well known among care partners, fellow residents, and visitors because of her warm smile and friendly greetings of "aloha." Melissa, like many of our residents, depend...

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Tags: Principle 6, Homelike Environment, Antidote to Helplessness, Community Giving, Well Being


November 11, 2015

Honoring Our Veterans

Hale Makua Health Services honored our Veterans for their service, sacrifice and dedication with a celebration on November 11th. The Veterans Day celebration included hula performances, r...

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Tags: honoring elders, Celebration, Well Being


September 15, 2015

Remembering Our Residents

During the time that our residents are here in our nursing homes, friendships are created and cultivated and they become like family. When one of our residents passes away the loss is felt by every...

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Tags: Compassionate Caring, Meaningful Activity, honoring elders, Genuine Human Caring, Well Being


September 07, 2015

Physicians Needed

Age is the single most important factor in understanding health status and the need and demand for health care resources. According to the US Census Bureau, Hawaii’s elderly population, aged ...

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Tags: Challenges, giving care, Well Being


August 19, 2015

Rehab at Hale Makua Offers a Place of Healing

At 76 years old, Joey Durante has always been independent and active.  For instance, on Memorial Day, he can be seen waving the American flag in honor of our fallen heroes.  This suddenly...

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Tags: Compassionate Caring, person centered care, rehab, Physical Therapy, Well Being, testimonial, success stories, client story


July 02, 2015

The Heat is On: Summer Safety

Summer is here and so is the heat!  We have been experiencing some record-breaking high temperatures on Maui recently.  As the temperature outside continues to rise, so too does the dange...

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Tags: Well Being


June 29, 2015

Improving Well-Being

Howard Omura is a retired principle from Maui High School. He spends his days reminiscing about his work, the students, and how proud he was to make a positive impact on their lives. He talks about...

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Tags: Principle 8, Eden in action, Principle 7, De-emphasizing top-down authority, Genuine Human Caring, Well Being