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August 10, 2017

Jessie Recovers from Shoulder Replacement and More

We love receiving letters from residents, former-residents, and family members thanking the staff and care partners for their hard work and excellent care, so when Jessie Hillinger wrote a letter o...

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Tags: rehab, Physical Therapy, testimonial


July 20, 2017

Rehab Therapies Help Shel Paddle On

Shel Braidman came to Hale Makua for in-patient rehab following knee replacement surgery. After his stay at our Kahului campus and the care he received from our therapists and nursing staff, it&rsq...

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Tags: rehab, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, testimonial


May 11, 2017

Comforting Care Aides in Victor's Recovery

Victor Balisco is someone who immediately puts a smile on your face. His warm and welcoming demeanor makes him a pleasure to be around, and his positivity hasn’t been hindered by his most rec...

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Tags: rehab, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, testimonial, success stories


April 12, 2017

Remarkable recovery and home in nine days

After falling at home and fracturing her pelvic bone, Dora Olsen spent nine days at the hospital before being admitted to Rehab at Hale Makua for physical therapy. She admits that when she found ou...

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Tags: rehab, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, testimonial, success stories


February 15, 2017

Day Health Client Finds Joy in Helping

Trini Cabacungan has been a client of Adult Day Health by Hale Makua for almost a year, and with each day that goes by, her family finds more comfort and appreciation for the services Adult Da...

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Tags: Eden Alternative, Adult Day Health, testimonial


January 04, 2017

Determination and Laughter Helps Get Resident Back on Her Feet

Christine Kuaana came to Hale Makua Health Services for rehabilitation after a fall at home caused injury to her right shoulder and leg. She was wheelchair bound upon arrival, but was determined to...

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Tags: rehab, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, testimonial, success stories


December 02, 2016

Making Hale Makua Home

Alvin Keohohina does not look like the typical resident you find at Hale Makua mainly because he is not elderly. Alvin is 32 years old and has made Hale Makua his home for the past ten years. At 22...

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Tags: Compassionate Caring, Homelike Environment, Person-Centered Care, Human Companionship, Resident Story, testimonial


November 11, 2016

Home Health: Quality Care at Home

Sheldon Rabanes has been a client of Home Health by Hale Makua for 12 years, and says the consistent quality care and friendly nurses are the reasons he has been a client for so...

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Tags: Compassionate Caring, In-Home Care, Home Health, success stories, testimonial


October 18, 2016

Physical Therapy is Something to Sing About

Richard Ho`opi`i, one of Maui's very talented and beloved musicians, recently put entertaining on pause due to knee surgery on his left knee. After returning home to Maui from Oahu, where his k...

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Tags: rehab, Physical Therapy, success stories, testimonial


October 11, 2016

Louise Provided with a Home & Care

These days it seems like a rarity to meet someone who takes a genuine interest in caregiving for a grandparent. It sounds absurd that someone fly their 100 year old grandma across the Country so th...

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Tags: Community Giving, testimonial, success stories